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Open World Cup Thread, June 24th 2010

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Slovakia - Italy, 7:00 AM PDT/10:00 AM EDT/15:00 GMT

Paraguay - New Zealand, 7:00 AM PDT/10:00 AM EDT/15:00 GMT

Denmark - Japan, 11:30 AM PDT/2:30 PM EDT/19:30 GMT

Cameroon - Netherlands, 11:30 AM PDT/2:30 PM EDT/19:30 GMT

Last day for Groups E and F. Netherlands are through from Group E and Denmark must win to advance as they are one goal behind Japan on differential.

Everyone is still technically in it in Group F. Slovakia must beat Italy and hope for a Paraguay win or draw between Paraguay and New Zealand. New Zealand and Italy are in exactly the same situation; two points and no goals between them. I personally am hoping for victories by Paraguay and New Zealand by margins sufficient enough to send both of them through. I am also hoping for the fully paid deed to a 25th floor penthouse condo with views of downtown Seattle, the Sound, Lake Washington, the Olympics and the Cascades.

Also, this happened: