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37 Days, 17 Hours, and Some-Odd Minutes.

Some days you just want a break.

You don't want to think about goal difference or table placement or whether Ashley Young will be bought by Manchester City--or perhaps you do think about those things, but you get so rant-y thinking about people who don't think that Ash is a valuable asset that you can't form a coherent argument and your sentences get all strung out and

Ahhhh. Breathe deep. The World Cup is coming.

This video might be cheesy and the song may find itself lodged in your brain at inopportune times, but it can't help but make you excited for the summer. One month of solid football, complete with pub discussions, heated arguments, crazy clothing and a perfect excuse to not pay attention to work.

As the cup approaches, we'll be writing a bit about it, especially as it looks like we'll almost certainly have one Villan on the squad. I hope to be able to strike a balance between "An Idiot's Guide to the 2010 World's Cup" and "World Cup For Those Who Think They Remember 1966." But for tonight, I just wanted to give you a fun little video.

And ask the question: how much of this video can you place? Do you know specific players, specific matches, specific defining shots?