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7,500km to Holte End

Welcome to SBN's Aston Villa blog. Let's start with a little confessional, shall we?

The main authors of this blog are not English. We did not grow up in Birmingham, we didn't have claret and blue onesies, and we weren't raised to hate that other team. We've been following Villa for about two years now, but football isn't a new love for us--we're mad about Villa and passionate about soccer.

Oh, and we're going to call it both football and soccer.

What can you expect to find on 7500 to Holte? A lot of Villa coverage, of course, including previews, reviews, MON's thoughts, and general ranting about players/starting XI/schedule. But we're also here to give you a unique spin on soccer in America. Seeing as we're West Coast (that's where the 7500km to Holte comes in) we have to overcome some difficult obstacles, such as waking up at 4am to watch the derby. We also sympathize with those who weren't born with a copy of Four Four Two clutched in their fist, and try to explain a few details that others might gloss over, including things like the differences between the Cups.

So if you're a soccer newbie, someone interested in learning about English soccer, a like-minded soul who sits at pubs at 7am waiting for a match, or simply Villa Til You Die, then stop by. And we'd love to hear how you got here, 7500 kilometers from Villa Park.