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Birmingham Mail Reports More of General Krulak's Statements on Houllier, Makes Sky Sports Look Like Trouble-Stirring No-Goodniks

The Birmingham Mail has printed a story that leans heavily on the General's recent comments and the headline and overall tone are quite a bit different than what was reported by Sky Sports earlier today. It's a shame that a source that a lot of people tend to trust would engage in such selective reporting tactics but it's not especially surprising. Controversy sells, after all.

In any case, it would appear as though the General's intention was to let the club know that the board was unhappy with Houllier's comments while simultaneously letting them know that they have little intention of making a change any time soon. I think that's reasonable; the gaffer's comments didn't bother me in the slightest, but they that certainly wasn't the case for everyone and those folks are entitled to have their opinions heard. Now that a member of the Board has informed them that their message has come through loud and clear, I hope to the heavens we can move on from this.