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Merry Christmas From Aston Villa--Otherwise Known As Carlos Cuellar And Gabriel Agbonlahor Have Microphone Difficulties

Ok, so I haven't watched this video as much as I've watched the insane Napoli calendar video, but this also does not have men without shirts or Marek Hamsik getting slapped. So please forgive me.

A few thoughts on this video:

  • Clearly Aston Villa are keeping Ashley Young because he appears not once but twice. It's a sign! Like a star hovering in the east!
  • Is it bad that I can't figure out who some of these people are?
  • Gerard Houllier is adorable and I want to take him home and have him be my drunken French grandpa, but I think he'd get angry that I'm too lazy to use the accent in his first name.
  • Why is Nigel Reo-Coker the only one who felt the need to introduce himself? Does he think we forgot about him?
  • Emile Heskey has a much gentler voice than his appearance leads one to believe.
  • Seriously, who are these people?
  • Is Aaron worried that Eric Lichaj doesn't know what year it is?
  • Why is Barry Bannan physically incapable of looking at the camera, especially considering his impressive skill with pinpoint passing?
  • I want to be involved in whatever game Gabby and Carlitos are playing. Seems like a sexy one.
  • I had no idea Brad Guzan has a crooked mouth. But then again, I never see Brad 2.0
  • How much do we want Delph back if he doesn't grasp the concept of wishing fans a Merry Christmas?

In the end, though, I was just happy that the plot was resolved, Gabby managed to stop roaring with laughter and spit out a message, and Carlitos got a mike that worked. Good work, Villa!

(Am I the only one who is reading into this message to see the Villas that are absent?)