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Aston Villa Midfielders Fabian Delph and Stiliyan Petrov Back In Full Training

According to the official site, Fabian Delph and Stiliyan Petrov have escaped the black hole that is InjuryApocalypse2010 to find their way back into full training. Gerard Houllier warns supporters not to get their hopes up, as the pair will likely not make the squad for the Tottenham Hotspur game on Saturday. But how many of us believe there will actually be an Aston Villa match against Spurs this weekend? As for me, I'm fully prepared for SnowDoom 2.0.

Bringing the Aston Villa midfield back to full health might have the added side benefit of suppressing some of the worst of the transfer rumors. I wouldn't get your hopes up, though. That would require journalists writing new stories, and it's so much easier to recycle stories about Villa pursuing attacking midfielders or wingers.

Speaking of rumors, though, who do you think will be in the starting XI should the Spurs game go ahead? I'm willing to bet good money it won't be Richard Dunne or Stephen Ireland.  Think we can make a little change off the former Manchester City players?