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Aston Villa 2-1 West Bromwich: Quick Recap

Emile Heskey scores the second goal of the day for Aston Villa. (Image by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Emile Heskey scores the second goal of the day for Aston Villa. (Image by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

Aston Villa secured their first league win since November 10 today thanks, in large part, to the resurgent Emile Heskey. I don't think anyone who watched would say the match was thrilling. Or, honestly, very good. But you know what? It gives Villa three points, brings us another point further from the drop zone, and should quiet the Villa fans who had firmly entered panic mode. We should be willing to take this every day of the week, and given how many games we have dominated games and gotten nothing to show for it, I'm happy to have a sub-par game where we get something.

The possession numbers would have you thinking that West Bromwich dominated the game, but it never really seemed that way. There were times when the Baggies attack came fast and furious at Villa, but there were just as many times that it went the other way. Scoring was opening by Stewart Downing, who put in a beautiful 1-2 cross from Marc Albrighton and Ashley Young in the 25th minute. It was a good thing too, as despite some moments of heads-up play, Stewie seemed to be a bit of an idiot today.Shockingly, Villa managed to not to concede in stoppage time, and went into the half up 1-0.

In the second half, things got a bit more sloppy. But a Marc Albrighton cross in the 80th minute was headed into the goal by Emile Heskey. Actually, Heskey seemed to really just sort of have his head in the right spot, as it didn't require much. It has to be said that James Collins, who has often been frustrating, came incredibly close to heading the ball in before it missed him and went to Heskey's head. Up 2-0 with 10 minutes plus stoppage left, we were able to relax a bit. But in true VIlla fashion, we allowed Pail Scharner to score a goal for the Baggies in the 90th minute. Someday we will see Villa keep it together in the last 10 minutes, but not today.

The Claret and Blue held on to win, despite a ferocious final four minutes (which were originally supposed to be three and then got changed somehow) from the Baggies. Chris Herd made his (I believe) Premier League debut (EDIT: He's been in before, the second half of the sentence still stands) in one of the greatest time wasting substitutions we've seen all year. In the end, Villa were able to escape with the points.

Someone will be along a bit later with some more in-depth analysis, but for now, enjoy the win. It's three points! We currently have taken every point possible from our last game. Let's hope it's the start of a new streak. Enjoy the day with thoughts of Villa in your head. UTV!