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Friday Feedback: Redirecting the Hatred

If you've read this blog at all, it should be pretty evident what we think of the whole Gérard Houllier flare-up this week. If you've never read this blog: why are you starting with this article?

Our Gaffer said some, probably unwise things, these things were reported by the media, and then they were blown out of proportion. Fans ran with it, the management of the team took some issue with it, and things generally went a bit crazy. I never thought that there could be media more prone to making something out of nothing than the folks at ESPN, but since I've began here, the British press has proven me woefully incorrect.

That said, the furor seems to be passing as people realize it was a joke. Houllier's apology seems to have helped stem the tide of hatred. But with this in mind, people are going to need something to be angry about next. That brings us to this week's question: After the storm passes about Houllier's comments, what should his haters turn their vitriol to next?

You'll find our answers after the jump, and I'm eager to hear what you have to say as well, so put that in the comments!

Gareth: Here's the thing about this particular kind of Villa fan. They just love to be upset at everything. Villa has been described as the most pessimistic, self-loathing group of supporters in the Premiership, and at times like this it's hard to disagree. They are disappointed by everything, and nothing is good enough for them. So they're probably going to get angry at Randy Lerner in January for not spending a ridiculous amount of money on whatever moronic transfer target they dream up (check Aston Villa News & Views for some of those. That site makes me facepalm on a regular basis.)

Kirsten: Next people will be upset that when the Villa gaffer is talking to the press, he uses wine as a reference point rather than beer. He's in England now! He should be offering to sit Roy Hodgson down in a pub over a pint of ale, not sitting around in wrought iron chairs discussing formations over a bottle of Chardonnay! Incidentally, he's likely not extending his shoulder for Hodgson to cry on anymore...damn it.

Robert: Have we used up all of our Russia/Qatar anger? Well, how about these fans turn their anger to the snow that's plagued England recently? The damn white stuff just keeps falling. It makes travel difficult, makes soccer tough, and it's cold! Plus, I heard it interviewed the other day, and the snow said "If I had to fall anywhere, I'm glad it was over England. I've got good memories of this island." It's time to sack the flakes!