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Marc Albrigton Signs New Contract, John Carew Fights With Gerard Houllier

It's almost time for Aston Villa to kick off at Fulham, but first a couple news items:

Marc Albrighton Signs Three Year Contract: amidst all the excitement of Villa visiting Fenerbahce yesterday, I didn't have time to write about Elf-boy. Yes, my priorities are out of whack, and I am sorry. Anyway, Marc signed a contract through summer 2014--the question is, can Villa keep him that long? He says that this is the club he wants to be at, so for now we'll trust the youngster and not start a Marc-o-Meter

John Carew And Gerard Houllier Fight In Press: In an article in the Norwegian media, Carew hits back at Houllier for speaking to the press about whether or not the big forward will be playing for the club after January. Apparently John is angry at the boss for not coming directly to him to discuss the Carew complained to the press. Newsflash, John: we have Google Translate. Just because it's in Norwegian doesn't mean we can't understand. Oh, and your argument that the supporters are singing for you? I've heard them sing the Gabby Agbonlahor song this season, too, and he's been on the pitch like once. Find a better argument.

Live match thread in just a few minutes.