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Aston Villa Visits Turkey, Fenerbahce


Aston Villa took a trip to Turkey and paid a visit to Fenerbahçe, which proves that somewhere out there, someone in charge at Villa is clearly reading this blog and taking into account my tastes and preferences. I share a link about finding Fenerbahçe, mention them in my favorite teams on Feedback Friday, and write a love letter to Miroslav Stoch. Just a few short weeks later, Aston Villa marketing manager Ravinder Masih visited the Turkish club, leaving behind a "gift kit" and taking away a Yellow Canaries kit.

The reason for this visit? Masih is quoted as saying, "We have a lot to learn from Fenerbahçe".

I hope to all the heavens and gods they asked Fener how to keep a striker healthy, or perhaps if Turkish cotton wool is stronger than its English counterpart. Or even how they managed to get their new kits on time, while Villa are still waiting for their...wait a second, what are they doing giving Turkish clubs the kits supporters aren't allowed to have yet?

PS--Whoever at the Villa is paying attention to my likes and desires, please bring Miňo to the claret and blue. I realize that the only position we don't need more of is a wide midfielder, but still, do it for me.