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Aston Villa v Sheffield United: FA Cup Third Round Draw

While many Villa fans are eagerly awaiting the midweek Carling Cup match against the Scum this Wednesday, some will have noticed that today is the day when the Third Round was drawn for the slightly more prestigious FA Cup. And the results for Villa weren't all that bad, all things considered. The draw, done by FA-proclaimed "rock gods" Serge Pizzorno and Noel Gallagher, has Aston Villa pitted against Championship side Sheffield United in Sheffield.

The draw is for the Third Round Proper, which is the first round in which premiership sides partake. Our opponents, the Blades, haven't been in the Premiership since the 2006-07 campaign, and currently sit in 20th in the Championship. The match will be played on the weekend of January 8, so there is a chance we could see some new Villans if Houllier likes a speedy beginning to the transfer window.

Expect more analysis of the matchup in the coming days, but we'd love to hear your thoughts below. You can find the entire draw here.