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Happy Birthday, Marc Albrighton--Have A Legal Drink In The USA!

Fear not, Bazza, your birthday is just twelve days away! (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Fear not, Bazza, your birthday is just twelve days away! (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

Let's all take a moment to sing happy birthday to our favorite winger, little Marc Albrighton.

Turns out the 7500 community loves elf-boy (whose name may have been bestowed via this comment: Albrighton is like a super fast elf!)

Here's some of what we've said about him over the past few months:


Do you think Barry Bannan and Marc Albrighton room together and discuss whether or not there are monsters under their beds while they lay there wide-eyed in the dark?

I imagine Albrighton cuddled up in bed, clutching his blanky, illuminated only by a glow from his nightlight

Oh wait--nice things. Here we go:

In happier news, I don’t know about everyone else, but my Albrighton kit has been shipped.

A genius Marc Albrighton cross sent it through the box to Downing

I absolutely adore Marc Albrighton and think that his future is a bright one


Albrighton is so much fun to watch: little snazzy footwork

Much of the buzz surrounded Marc Albrighton, and for good reason; the 20 year old winger continued to impress, drilling a stunning goal from distance early, giving the keeper plenty of reason for worry on several other occasions and setting up Emile Heskey's shockingly athletic headed goal with a lovely cross.

Albrighton is the sexy

But the magic belongs to Marc Albrighton once again, who sent in a perfect ball for Bannan to put in the net

If someone hurts Albrighton I will hunt down a Uzbeki

Marc Albrighton is still not on the pitch and I'm getting grumpy

Albrighton fucking rules--might be high time to rock his name and number.

Elf-boy was class today, making a fool of Patrice Evra and a general nuisance of himself on the right

Fabio in the house, Marc Albrighton delivers

Although we may have packed up the James Milner jerseys this week, we went out and replaced them with fresh kits emblazoned with "Albrighton" and the number 12.

I've heard Citeh wants in for Albrighton at 1000 billion trillion gazillion dollars

LOVE YOU ELFBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think the message is quite clear here, Marc.

In celebration of all you have given us, we give you Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop Ale: