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Aston Villa And Loss

Hey Everyone--

Just wanted to let you know that despite the fact that I wrote a (if I do say so myself) spectacularly brilliant recap, my computer died before I could post it. Sizzled. Dead-to-the-ed-o. In addition to the fact that this means my thousand words on the fantastic play of Aston Villa, as well as the three hundred words devoted to the horribleness that is Stephen Ireland, being erased permanently from the bounds of history, this also means that everything I did for law school is now down the drain. Everything.

Yeah, it hasn't quite sunk into my brain yet, either. But considering I will need to make up every note and every outline, I might be missing from the site for awhile. Luckily Aaron, Gareth and Robert are fantastic writers and can keep things going if I have to be out longer than I would like. I don't know how I'd be making it through this whole law school thing--and the whole Villa having a breakdown thing--without them, really.

Now for even sadder news.

Three of us have experienced a heartbreaking loss today. Aaron, Robert and I are all Seattle Mariners fans (Gareth may be too, but we certainly didn't meet him that way) and we experienced a tragic loss today: Dave Niehaus, the man who has been the voice of the Mariners since the franchise began, passed away.

As many of us on this site are fans stuck far away from our team, we know what it's like to rely on certain aspects of that team to help us feel connected. Jason wrote a fanpost concerning just that. Now, that voice has been silenced, and the three of us are mourning a man that defined our fanhood--and will continue to define it, even now that he is gone.

Our team may have won today, guys. But I hope you'll forgive us when we say that something bigger has come up, and it now feels wrong to extol the virtues of the claret and blue. Now step away from the computers and listen to a voice of a loved one, because unfortunately, we're never quite sure just how long we'll have to hear those voices.