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Stewart Downing Called Up For England And More In The Aston Villa News Review

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Stewie!

Stewart Downing Gets England Call Up: Stewie, I told you if you kept playing like you were, you'd get called up--I just didn't think it would be for Tuesday's match. But Aaron Lennon is out with a sore back and Downing got the call to replace him.

Kevin Davies Wants To Be Awesome Like Emile: I still find it hilarious that people have done a complete 180 on Emile Heskey. Here, Davies feels he can emulate the former England international but graciously never admits that he's just been waiting for him to retire for years so he can get a chance.

Fulham captain Danny Murphy Tells Us Footballers Have No Brains: In the wake of tackles by the likes of Karl Henry, who in addition to making Jordi Gomez cartwheel broke the leg of Fulham's Bobby Zamora, Murphy calls for managers to take responsibility for the reckless play of their players.

Look at Lukas Podolski Whiff: Maybe it's time to start calling him the new Heskey. Coach Loew takes out his frustration on a nearby ball while Mesut Ozil gives his teammate a look of pure hatred.