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Thursday News Review: John Carew's Options, Eric Lichaj and Poland, and More

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Sigh. I miss club football already.

That's The Dream, Isn't It? : Richard Dunne on Gerard Houllier's style of play, talking about keeping the ball for longer periods of time. Considering much of Villa's matches are spent screaming some variation of "Play in their half, you idiots!" I support this idea.

John Carew Leaves An Open Door: Carew's contract is due to run out and he's considering his options. Quite frankly, I'm astonished MLS did not come up in this article. I thought that's where all old players go before they're put out to pasture.

Eric Lichaj And Poland: In case you missed the mention yesterday, here's the BBC article reminding us that Lichaj had his choice of national teams. Personally I think it would have been amazing had he switched sides at the half, a la Little Pea.

More Soccer Stats From We Ain't Got No History: Graham created a fun little graphic that depicts just how well individual players are doing this season. Besides the fact that there's a Villan in the top ten, it's fun to laugh at the names dwelling at the bottom.