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Wednesday Football News Review--Sort Of

Turns out there's not a lot out there about Aston Villa right now. No matter. I can still provide excellent service. And by that, I don't mean I made stuff up.

Praise For Eric Lichaj: Luke Young and Marc Albrighton are simply delighted for the defender, who will be facing off with the US National team against Poland this weekend in Chicago--although he could've just as easily been on the other side.

Seattle Sounders Win US Open Cup: You didn't really think I'd let the day pass without including a mention of my MLS side's shiny silverware? This article is less about the play of the match and more about the importance of the trophy.

Owners Of The Boston Red Sox To Buy Liverpool: I'm sure there are thousands of blogs out there expounding upon this very subject...but for now, you get the news article, because quite frankly sifting through the stories is making my hangover worse.

So I Cheered Myself Up With Kickette: The ladies there must be having fun watching Napoli's good run of play, because they've finally discovered Ezequiel Lavezzi. And in addition to looking like an alien, Mesut Özil looks alarmingly like Michael Jackson. Which I guess is much the same thing.