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Aston Villa News: England Call Ups, Rafael Van der Vaart and A Side Note On Nigel de Jong

England Squad Named For Euro Qualifier: Ashley Young and Stephen Warnock are included. For a club that prides itself on its Englishness, you'd think Aston Villa would have more than two players in the England side. Still, players have retired (Heskey, L. Young), players are young (Delfouneso, Albrighton), players are injured (Agbonlahor). Keep playing as you are, Downing, and you might find another cap.

Undone ByUn-Passing: Aston Villa makes it into Zonal Marking's chalkboard analysis once again, with a look at Rafael Van der Vaart's movements. The Liverpool/Blackpool chart at the bottom is pretty crazy.

Mark Albrighton Is Oh So Nice: The little elf-boy says some sweet things about both Emile Heskey and Kevin MacDonald while maintaining that Aston Villa should not have lost against Tottenham.

Grab A Cup Of Coffee: This is one intense article from Paul Tomkins about Roy Hodgson's struggles at Liverpool. Quite an interesting read.

The Man Must Be Stopped: Nigel de Jong broke Newcastle player Hatem Ben Arfa's leg in two places on Sunday, in a tackle that didn't even merit a booking. Holland has dropped him from their Euro qualification squad, but what will the FA do about it? Probably nothing, but he and Karl Henry have both revived the debate on what is dirty and what is not.