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Aston Villa Draw Birmingham City In The Carling Cup

Let the hatred continue, girls and boys, for Aston Villa have drawn Birmingham City for the quarter-finals of the League Cup. And guess what? It's at Saint Andrews. This sounds like a lot of not-fun in Birmingham. In positive news, even though Aston Villa had a slight issue with moving past Burnley, Birmingham needed a penalty shootout to make it past Brentford. Allow me to remind you: the Bees are in League One. Of course, now they're probably going to get angry about being mocked and take it out on us on Sunday...

Of course, Manchester United drew West Ham for the next round, even if they do have to travel to Upton Park, whereas the poor Wigan Athletic have to make a trip to the Emirates to visit an Arsenal side that is absolutely desperate for trophies. Maybe it's best if the Villa just bow out gracefully. Oh, and Ipswich Town welcomes West Brom, so it could have been much worse for the one remaining Championship side.