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Aston Villa News Review: Tapping Ashley Young, Photos Of Giant Balls, And Minds Out Of Gutters

With a Carling Cup clash coming up before Derby Day, there's a lot to get done around 7500, but it seemed polite to throw some links your way first.

It All Seems Normal Until You See The Ball: Nervous about Burnley? Terrified for Derby Day? Calm yourself with photos of Villans at trainings. But someone please, please explain to me the who and the why of the giant plastic ball. Go now. I'll wait.

'Arry Says He Did Not Tap Up Ashley Young: Does this sound weird to anyone else's ears? Is the slang of 'tapping' used differently in the US, and so it doesn't carry a dirty connotation? Also, I don't trust Dirty Harry any further than I could throw him, and there's no way I could even pick him up.

Stop Making A Federal Case Out Of It: It seems as though every couple of weeks I have people asking how I can dare not support the USMNT. Here's Just Football articulating reasons so much better than I can--yet something tells me the indignant attitudes will continue.

Self-Pimping Once Again: I know I'm not the only one that watched Napoli v Milan--Slaky did too--and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in giving love to Serie A. Use these arguments if you've got friends who still insist the league is boring.