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Aston Villa at Tottenham Hotspur: Open Thread

It's hard to remember how to spell Tottenham when you've just rolled out of bed. Anyway, here it is, yap about the game, which is on FSC if you're in the states. Kevin McCauley just told the twitterverse that Gareth Bale is playing at left-back, so exploit! exploit! Run, my little wingers, run in circles around him, confuse him greatly.

On the other hand, we're not playing Cuellar and Ireland is once again missing. I understand the reasoning for Ireland, even if many don't, but Richard better be 110% today for him to be in this lineup.

Starting XI: Friedel, Collins, Dunne, Warnock, L Young, Petrov, Coker, Downing, Albrighton, Heskey, A Young

Subs: Sidwell, Ireland, Carew, Clark, Guzan, Cuellar, Bannan.


PS--what time should I start texting Aaron to wake him up?