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Aston Villa News Review: Hong Kong, Reserves Victory, and Wayne Rooney

Not a lot of news out there about the Villa...possibly because the Wayne Rooney explosion hit and therefore the world is painted red right now. Here's what I got:

Anyone Want To Go To Hong Kong?: Personally, I had no desire to go to Asia this summer, until I learned Aston Villa, Blackburn and Chelsea would be competing in the Asia Trophy. Should they really allow those Blues players into Asia? They're going to find them in Thai masseuse parlors when they don't turn up for the game. In Thailand.

Lichaj And Cracking Reserves Match: The Lil'Villans beat the Little Bad Wolves yesterday, 3-2. If someone could please explain to me the Carlos Cuellar inclusion in the reserves squad? I am still confused.

A Chelsea Fan's Perspective On The Villa Match: Graham keeps making pretty charts. Plus, he goes through and analyzes the game quarter by quarter. It's a good read on what happened on Saturday.

Sir Alex Ferguson's Press Conference About Wayne Rooney: If you've been in a cave for the past 24 hours, you might not know that Roo wants to leave Manchester United. If you've come up for oxygen, you're in the loop--so go read everything Fergie has to say about Rooney wanting to leave. Plus--irony of ironies--Rooney had to be stretchered off from training with an ankle injury today. Perhaps Fergie is just psychic?