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Aston Villa v Chelsea News Review

First of all, make sure you've read Aaron's recap of yesterday's Villa v Chelsea match, giving credit to Villa for showing their best form since the opening game of the season. Now move on to how others saw it (I may have just missed it, but I saw no one ripping Villa apart, which makes sense considering we took points from the league leaders).

Aston Villa v Chelsea Recap From The Independent: Not one of my normal browsing grounds but if The Independent is going to talk about Villa's neat passing and ground movement then by goodness they get in the news review. What a change from last season, eh?

Aston Villa v Chelsea Shape And Form: Zonal Marking takes on yesterday's match and says everything I was thinking but am never able to put into such precise language. Good thoughts on the midfield battles yesterday, but the real story for me remains the shape of Villa.

The Official Site Is So Not Fun: They insist on saying Marc Albrighton was sick all night, which really does make me look like a big meanie head--but I promise, SkySports said "up all night." I do want to call your attention to the fact that Houllier thinks some players who were on the field weren't up to match fitness yesterday. Another reference to Villa's increased training regime, perhaps?

Villa fans' perspectives on matches, because while people that follow the team might be biased, they're also usually able to talk about the significance of certain events in ways that non-fans wouldn't even spot. Dan talks Nigel Reo-Coker, Ciaran Clark and Stephen Ireland.