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Didier Drogba Out For Aston Villa v Chelsea And More News

Just 24 hours left before the Aston Villa-Chelsea match!

Didier Drogba Has A Fever: And the prescription is...not playing against Aston Villa! Weeeeeeeeeeee. Granted, John Terry is back so their defense won't be quite as bad as previously hoped, but I'd certainly rather contend with Nicholas Anelka than be looking around wondering where Drogs is going to pop up.

Go Away And Learn A Trick: Ashley Young said in his press conference, " think age is just a number – if you are young enough you are old enough" and got an entire blog written about him, which managed to move from the realm of footballers not saying stupid things to wingers needing tricks. Someone please read and explain for it makes my head hurt.

But What Will The Official Site's Photographers Do?: Leicester has signed Curtis Davies on a one month loan. I guess they need a defender for their push to win the Carling Cup. Go Foxes!

It's More Than Just The Words We Use: American soccer fans feel oppressed by English traditions, English soccer fans feel dominated by American economics. Is this the era of trans-Atlantic sports? (PS: my thought is we hire English to announce our games not because we like their accents, but because we haven't found a good American soccer announcer yet. They make me want to rip out my ears).