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Aston Villa News And 7500's Use Of Social Media

So I've finally overcome my Facebook fears and set up a fan page for 7500 to Holte--meaning all the Villa news will end up right there. I can even text an update, should I find out something while I'm walking the streets. How...instant. Anyway, go "like" the page even if you follow my own personal facebook page, as from now on all 7500 stories will post to that account.

Now is as good a time of any to remind you of the twitters of 7500. I know most of you follow me at 7500_Kirsten (and if not, why not? Don't you want to see my tweets about Ryan Harley?) but if you don't follow the rest of the team, you're missing out:

Aaron Campeau-- @7500_Aaron

Gareth Simpson-- @garethsimpson

Robert Lintott-- @rlintott

Now if I could only get a fancy phone that posts from everywhere, I'd be dangerous.