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Aston Villa Friday Roundup: Again, Gabby And His Groin

A few Villa links to get you through the day--or at least, through until Friday Feedback and our official Spurs/Villa preview are published.

Gabriel Agbonlahor To Have Surgery: Gabs needs surgery on that meddlesome groin, and will be out for at least two weeks. This makes me desperately nervous as the last time a player whose jersey I owned had groin surgery as the international break was beginning, well...has anyone seen Frank Lampard recently?

My Views On Villa: Kevin McCauley and I had a chat about the upcoming Spurs v Villa game. Yesterday, I gave you his thoughts on Spurs, but if you want to see my thoughts, go read.

Where Does Stephen Ireland Fit In? Dan from AVFC Central put out in words and graphs exactly what I've had rattling around in my head. We've all been wondering where Ireland will play, and while many of us believe Dan to be absolutely right about where he should play, the question is--does Houllier know it?

More Egotism from Kirsten: Watching the footy this weekend? I let you know what to drink with it. I just hope I don't have to hit the whisky after Villa visit Spurs.