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I Suppose We Should Weigh In on This

Posted by Aaron

So there was a bit of a kerfuffle this afternoon. MON was gone, and then he wasn't, but then hey! Maybe he was. Except he actually wasn't.

There's something important to keep in mind throughout all of this. MON is a legend, a no-doubt conversation starting sort of manager that is going to quite often be in the mix when any sort of opening comes about. And to be truthful, we should be prepared (no pun intended) for his departure. It very well may never come, but it could come at any moment.

With that being said, nothing about today should change your opinion regarding MON's role going forward. If you are so inclined, you could trace these rumors back to a reactionary post that came somewhere near 5-1 in the midst of Saturday's debacle. Just go right ahead and follow the string.

Rumors such as these happen quite frequently, but they're seldom worth paying any sort of heed. The UK tabloid press has attempted to play this two very different ways; on the one hand, MON has a tremendous amount of young talent in Ash, Gabby and Milner and Randy Lerner cannot wait to lavish cash upon the team and upset the 18-year big-four dominance, but MON cannot wait to jump ship and sail East for Merseyside. Om the other, MON will need to sell off his entire first side in order to be able to afford a reserve Center-Back.

I will not pretend to come close to knowing the truth. Birmingham is along, long ways away (who could even possibly know how far!) and I do not live in MON's head. I can see numerous reasons for him to depart, and I could see numerous reasons for him to stay. Any number of things could happen, and none of them would surprise me.

But do you know what isn't going to happen? Whatever these rumor-mongering, everything-is-a-splash-that-we've-predicted sites are going on about. Ignore them. If you throw enough spaghetti at the wall, a meatball is bound to stick. Be reasonable, be rational, and recognize that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, on the off chance that the stopped clock even happens to be right.