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Thoughts on England

Just a few of my thoughts that popped into my head during England v Egypt. Sort of in a chronological order, although no promises. Also, for once I did not listen to match commentary, did not twitter or text, nor did I follow any live blog. Anything in here came out of my own twisted brain.

Capello clearly does not follow @7500_Kirsten because Leighton Baines got the start over Stephen Warnock.

  • I wonder if John Terry thought this new hairstyle would help him overcome his image problems? Because really dude, a faux hawk is not doing you any favors
  • Am I the only girl in this pub who is even glancing at the TV screen? Certainly the only one with a beer in her hand.
  • Warnock! Warnock! Warnock!
  • Seriously, where was Baines? Egypt ran right through.
  • That goal by Crouch had to be an accident.
  • Leighton Baines sounds like a soap opera character.
  • Clearly Stephen Warnock is a much more upstanding name as well as better defender.
  • Do any Villa fans miss Gareth Barry?
  • Villa have six Englishmen in their regular starting XI. They have four in the callup for England. So where the hell are they?
  • Oh look it's Milner on the touchline.
  • Oh look it's Milner on the pitch.
  • Oh look it's Milner everywhere.
  • Oh look it's Milner almost scoring.
  • Oh look it's Milner playing leftback because where is Leighton Baines?
  • A I utterly biased or does Baines look as though he barely graduated from youth soccer?
  • Carrick's still playing?
  • A captain armband certainly does not look sexy on Barry.
  • Would it really have been so difficult to give Warnock a few minutes on the pitch?
  • For the first half of the game, England looked like a team confused about one another--unsure who to trust, unsure who would be where in order to time a well-placed shot. In the second half they seemed to get into the groove a bit and find confidence in their passing.

    But those are just initial thoughts from someone who's never actually watched the England squad play a full if you'll excuse me, I need to go read some post-match reviews to determine if I am the only one who noticed that Baines couldn't seem to complete a forward pass.