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Day Before Weekend Match Day

If you're like me, you fight the typical 9-5 office schedule with every fiber of your being. I am, by nature, a night owl. I love staying up late. I have fun staying up late; sure, usually it's just me drinking beer and playing video games (or drinking scotch and writing songs) but it's fun, and it's a part of who I am. I'm the guy that stays up late; that's me.

This really shouldn't be an issue; I should be able to roll out of the rack at 10:00 AM and fire up the DVR. Unfortunately, I am the captive audience of the worst cable company in North America, and FSC would rather show replays of Saturday's Serie A matches than show Villa-Crystal Palace at a non-insane hour.

I don't wish to make this blog in any way a controversial place, but I will say that for certain reasons I used to get up quite early on Sundays. This was a part of my upbringing that I am more than happy to have left behind; my weekends are precious, and I'd prefer to go on interesting adventures with my fiancée, laze-away the days by playing FIFA 10, or just flat-out go on a craft-beer-and-wonderful-food bender to waking up early for any reason.

But tomorrow I have little choice. We're playing a new formation, see, and Nathan Delfuesno is rumored to be in the starting XI. And so I will drag my hungover self (because Saturday nights in February2010 are made for Short-Track Speed Skating and Baltic Porter) out of bed at 7:00 AM, I will cook myself some grits and eggs, I will make myself some obnoxiously strong coffee, and I will watch this match.

And why will I do this? I will do this because I am unbelievably fortunate. I live in a time when I am so ridiculously spoiled by choice that I can feel somewhat justified in bitching about not being able to watch my (somewhat obscure) team of choice on my own damned schedule.

As few as five years ago, odds are I never would have had any real allegiance to any EPL side; now I complain about having to wake up at what most people consider to be a reasonable hour to watch a match of (let's be honest) little international significance.

We live in a pretty cool time, and I am more than happy to be a part of it.