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BigMac + Injuries= Disaster


What an odd weekend for Calcio. Inter gets thumped by Catania, both Roma and Juventus are held by relegation-battling teams in 3-3 draws, Genoa and Cagliari have a high scoring battle, Udinese...

A win, thanks to the PEZZO GROSSO


First thought of the game: With two Bianconeri sides, why is no one wearing black-and-white? Tonight was a game far from vintage stuff, but it's 3 points against a spirited opponent and some...

A Confluence of Shitty Factors


Doomed us. We should have won this game, for a variety of reasons. Brief review after the jump. Things that screwed us over- #1- Fatigue: Several players looked tired- Tiago and Marchisio come to...

Real Madrid 0-2 Juventus, from mCalcio


Marco Pantanella is a beast, plain and simple. While not putting up consistent quality for his very own mCalcio, he's busy writing on other soccer communities such as the Del Piero Offside. (Which...

Juventus 2-1 Real Madrid: A Review in Pictures


Anything I could say doesn't convey the emotions I'm feeling right now. These do: Preparing for the match. If any of you were wondering what the minute of silence was for (as I was) two Juventus...

BATE 2-2 Juventus: Another draw, more frustration


Only 4 more games, ragazzi! I don't know who to blame for the draw today. I think it'd be wrong to blame Ranieri, and Secco doesn't deserve criticism either, no one could have predicted the insane...

Juventus 1-0 Udinese: A Black-and-White Affair


It's good to be back. Damn, we dominated. The Good:Momo Sissoko- Momo was a beast in midfield today, cleaning up as usual but offering much more than normal. He is not a one-dimensional player, he...

Reviews: Fiorentina-Juventus via mCalcio.com


Marco graciously offered for us to repost his review of the game via mCalcio.com, so I'm putting it up after some brief thoughts. The Good- Our defense was pretty solid for most of the game....

Reviews in for WWE Studios' "The Chaperone" starring Triple H


Early reviews in for The Chaperone

What a Boring Weekend


Posted by Kirsten Halfway through and it's fairly clear that this weekend is one of the most important in the Premier League season. Going into this weekend, the only thing certain is that...

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