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Update on Flu's Wallace


Just heard it on the radio. May be of interest

Napoli asks fans to behave


Seems like the travelling supporters might have trouble returning from the San Paolo after Tuesday's game. Let's hope to God nothing happens.

Napoli players as victims of organized crime


There are a number of us who consider Napoli a likeable club - and would even say they are our favorite Serie A side or second choice after Chelsea. Given that they are next up for the Blues in the Champions League, stories about continued violence in Naples and the connection between organized crime and some incidents with Napoli players are worth noting.

Extra motivation for Villarreal on Wednesday? We could use it!


Napoli president Di Laurentiis fears Man City's "sheikh" may try to give Villarreal players some extra incentive on Wednesday. We need all the incentive we can get!!

Mike Scioscia talks Mike Napoli trade


Scioscia talks the Napoi trade and the Angels GM search, among other things. Sosh says that Napoli's "durability" was the biggest factor in trading him for Mt. Vernon.

Points or Adiós : Napoli x Villarreal


I posted this preview on Forzafutbol Sunday night. So some of the latest injury updates are not included. Tough game for us and we need to score points. Endavant Villarreal

Napoli & the Wells Trade.


It's unfortunate, but the Wells trade gets another look in light of Naps' production on Fangraphs this morning. Nothing we haven't read before, but thought I'd pass it along...

Serie A Review: Wins From AC Milan, Napoli, And Inter Help Keep Top, Bottom Of Table Unchanged

Despite a full slate of matches at the weekend, Week 26 saw only two changes in the Serie A table. AC Milan, Napoli, Inter Milan and Lazio all keep the top spots, but none of the next four clubs...

Jean Makoun Banned For Three Matches, Ezequiel Lavezzi Is Stupider


Aston Villa midfielder Jean II Makoun earned a three match ban for a reckless tackle on Blackpool striker DJ Campbell, keeping him out for five weeks. Napoli's Ezequiel Lavezzi spitting antics were...

Serie A Review, Week 25: AC Milan Win, Napoli Keep Pace, And Inter Stumble Against Juventus

Inter Milan lose to Juventus, leaving AC Milan fearing just Napoli at the top of the table. But after a 4-0 win over Parma, that fear is likely minimal.

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