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Sounders v Chelsea FC Friendly - Gamethread


Tonight's game is about pomp, circumstance, crowds, evangelism and practice. It is not, nor is any friendly about who wins (ok, USA-Mexico is). This Wednesday night's 6:30 PM nationally-televised...

Seattle Sounders Vs. Chelsea: Team News & Preview - We Ain't Got No History


A preview from the other side. Kind words said about one Roger Levesque. Also projected lineups for both sides.

Sounders v Chelsea FC Friendly - Three Questions


As Sounders fans get ready to watch their seventh friendly of their MLS life, they get their first repeat - Chelsea. Learn about them in a quick Q&A.

Galaxy 3 Sounde... Oh look! Nkufo Arriving!


Own goal. Keeper miscommunication. Unfinished chances. The Sounders slumped to a typical 3-1 defeat in Los Angeles thanks to returning World Cup leaders. Scratch all of that. I had a fantastic 4th...

Friendly #1: Boca Juniors


The Electric Yellow Sounders will take on Club Atlético Boca Juniors at 7:30PM at Qwest Field. It will be the first of two friendlies this summer, with Celtic slated for later in July. Over 40,000...

B is for Barcelona!


Who wants a Titi Hug? Seattle wants a Titi hug. (This .gif has been making me smile for the past two years. Although not, y'know, continuously. I mean, a woman's gotta sleep.) But it's...

Sami Sami Sami Sami Hyypia...


Everybody's favourite towering Finnish centre half is coming back to Anfield in six weeks, with Bayer Leverkusen signing on to face Liverpool in the final friendly of the 2012-13 pre-season. He may not be playing, and moreover he may be doing his best to lead a side that isn't Liverpool to victory as he continues to adjust to a new role at Leverkusen after being named full time manager in May, but still, it's Sami Hyypia.

Rangers 1, Liverpool 0: Gaining Fitness and Growing Indifference


Rangers 1 Lee McCulloch 20' Liverpool 0 It was a midseason friendly dropped in the middle of an important run of games in the league and League Cup for Liverpool, and for all that the clubs...

Internationals Preview: Weekend Qualifiers and Friendlies


Liverpool's two biggest matches of the early season are divided by yet another international break, with all of the active national sides on the continent wrapping up their Euro 2012 qualifying...

Liverpool Schedule Mid-Season Friendly Against Rangers


Taking a page out of Major League Soccer's book by scheduling a mid-season "prestige friendly" to fill the downtime between games and put a few extra quid in the pocket, Liverpool have announced...

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