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Brad Evans' National Team performance


In last night's draw against Canada Evans was seen as the worst player, or one of the worst, by most of those that do player ratings. And yet, his stats were great - not good, great.

Lessons From Leg One Loss


There were some things that went wrong with the Sounders on Sunday and learnings from that performance must be carried forward into Leg Two. There is also little doubt that they will.

Brad Evans New Role

What is Brad Evans role in the new look Seattle Sounders?

Learning From Open Cup Failure

There were tactical changs in the seond half of the loss that ode well for the future. Chalkoards, data and a litle theory bout a way forward to help the Sounders score even more goals.

Charlie Adam, Holding Midfielder


For many, there has been a belief that in order to get the most out of Charlie Adam he must be played as part of a three-man midfield, alongside players who will be able to cover for his...

A Lack of Blood and Thunder


Against Wolves, Jordan Henderson only misplaced four of his passes from open play for a completion rate topping 90%. He may not have connected on any of his seven attempted crosses, which does...

The Charlie Adam Curve


The past three league matches have seen Charlie Adam paired with three different midfield partners, with each new pairing leading to a slight shift in the focus of Adam's game. From a largely...

Luis Suarez Breaks Silence On Racism Row, and Other Tuesday Notes


The English FA has gone quiet when it comes to Patrice Evra, Luis Suarez, and allegations of racism, but with the case still theoretically open there's finally some new information to talk about....

The Semi-Annual Jamie Carragher Revival Jamboree


In a season that has seen more than its share of less than stellar performances while discussion about his future has pushed to the fore, the reaction to Jamie Carragher's composed performance at...

Charlie Adam: The First Six Games


If nothing against Brighton or Wolves was going to convincingly answer the questions left behind by the Tottenham debacle, at the least fans could hope nothing that happened would make the players...

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