Open Match Threads

PRESEASON FOOTBALL: Open thread and lineups


It's the preseason! Let's talk about it! Aston Villa vs. Mansfield lineups and open thread.



It's finally here! It's World Cup day! THE WORLD CUP IS STARTING! Come talk about it with us!

Spurs-Villa, open match thread


We did it, everyone! We made it through another season of Aston Villa football!

MCFC vs AVFC: Lineups and open thread


We've got the lineups for today's match, and come join us during it in the comments!

Villa-Hull, open match thread


Aston Villa can secure safety with a win over Hull City, but unfortunately that requires a win. Stranger things have happened?

Swans-Villa, open match thread, confirmed lineups


Can Villa take a big step towards safety at the Liberty Stadium? Probably not. But you should hang with us and watch them try anyways.

Villa-Southampton, open match thread


Aston Villa can make this season end, in a functional sense, with a win. Please make this season end. Please.

Palace-Villa, open match thread


This is a game we're all watching because we care about it for some reason. Probably because we're not very smart.

Villa-Fulham, open match thread


Join us as we discuss what will no doubt be a thrilling, high-quality contest between Aston Villa and Fulham.

United-Villa, open match thread


Aston Villa are playing Manchester United and it doesn't feel terrifying. Moyes in!

Villa-Stoke, lineups + open match thread


There's no other sports for like six hours, so you might as well watch this.

AVFC vs. Chelsea: Lineups and open thread


Join us as Villa take on the Premier League's best team!

Villa-Norwich, open match thread


Aston Villa have a massive opportunity to avoid being dragged into the relegation mess, which of course means that a loss would bring them right into the middle of the relegation mess. Let's...

Newcastle-Villa, open match thread


Aston Villa travel to face Newcastle United in a match that could (once again) pull them out of the relegation mess.

Cardiff-Aston Villa, lineups and match thread


Aston Villa travel to Wales for a huge mid-week clash with potential relegation rivals Cardiff City, needing three points to avoid sliding into the battle for safety.

Villa-West Ham, lineups and open match thread


Join us as we fight the terrible pull of boredom and attempt to be excited over the prospect of Villa taking on West Ham.

Villa-West Ham, match preview


These aren't good football teams by any stretch of the imagination, but Aston Villa have enough breakout potential to keep things worth watching.

Everton-AVFC: Open thread and lineups


Join us as Aston Villa look to continue their run of good form against Everton!

Villa-West Brom, lineups and open match thread


It's derby day! Join us as Aston Villa host West Brom at Villa Park with a massive three points at stake.

Liverpool-Villa: Lineups and open thread


Come join us as we hope and pray for a repeat of last year's 1-3 visit to Anfield!

Villa-Arsenal, lineups and open match thread


Aston Villa got their season off to an excellent start with a win over Arsenal; can they offer a repeat performance and turn their fortunes around? Probably not! But let's watch anyways.

Villa-Sheffield United, open match thread


Join us as we listen to Jack Woodward talk about Aston Villa vs. Sheffield!

Sunderland vs. Aston Villa, open match thread


Happy New Year! Here'a some crap.

Villa-Swansea: Open match thread


Come join us as we discuss Aston Villa vs. Swansea, or something else entirely. Depends on how terrible things get.

Villa-Palace: Open match thread


Join us for this year's Boxing Day fun, which is hopefully significantly more fun that last year's.

Villa-United, open match thread


Come join us as we talk about Aston Villa's latest attempt to bring their home winless streak to Manchester United to an end.

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