Watch all of the goals from Aston Villa's 2-2 draw at Liverpool

Michael Regan

We've got extended gif highlights of all four goals from the 2-2 draw at Anfield.

After a day to cool off, the draw at Liverpool is still pretty annoying given how it came about. What should have been an Aston Villa win was instead turned into only one point thanks to a combination of poor decision-making from the referee and wonderful acting from Luis Suarez. Nevertheless, there were some highlights and we've got them here. Below, you'll find all four goals from the match in gif form, and a couple of other highlights, too. Let's dive in!

Andi Weimann (25')

Alright, we'll get to Andi's goal in a second, but I want to give you a hilarious moment from earlier in the match, first. Liverpool had lined up to take a corner, sent it into the box, and then an episode of Benny Hill broke out as everyone forgot how to play football and just ran into each other instead:


Nobody was hurt, so it's okay to laugh. I have been. A lot.

Anyhow, back to Andi's goal. Liverpool were on the attack, when Fabian Delph successfully completed a tackle on the edge of Villa's box. He then moved a bit, passed the ball up the left wing to the midline where Christian Benteke was waiting. Benteke moved a bit and sent a pass further up the wing to Gabby Agbonlahor, who danced around a bit and slotted the ball to Andi. Too many words? Here, have a picture. It moves!


Or how about this angle?


Really, I know my role here. You're not even really reading this are you?


And my favorite angle of it all:


I love that Simon Mignolet calls for offside, even though there is no possible way he could have seen whether or not Andi was offside. And since we're your internet home for all things Aston Villa celebration, here you go:


Awwww, it's so nice to see happy Andi!

Christian Benteke (36')

Thus far, we've got Gabby with one assist on the left side. He apparently wanted to even things out and show that Villa were dangerous on the right wing, too. A failed tackle by Aly Cissohko allowed Gabby and Karim El Ahmadi to have some fun up the right wing, and eventually Gabby sent in a perfect cross to Benteke who was waiting to finish Liverpool off:


The best part of this goal, at least to my mind, is Mignolet deciding that he's going to pick this moment to see if he can fly. Spoiler: he cannot.


Daniel Agger should get a great big assist too for being pretty useless at his job.


And happiness ensues:


Benteke has now scored two goals in as many matches after a multi-month goalless drought. Thank god that's over.

Daniel Sturridge (45+2')

And this one took a bit of the edge off the high of the first half. Sturridge tore through the Villa defense and made perfect contact with an expertly turned ball from Jordan Henderson:


You'll have to forgive me for not waxing rhapsodic about Liverpool's goals. Also, please forgive my calling it the 47th minute. It was the second minute of stoppage time. Here's that Henderson move, by the way, which was pretty spiffy:


Steven Gerrard (53' PEN)

The one small nice thing about this sequence of events is that it didn't lead to a goal for Luis Suarez. I can at least take solace in that. Because here's what led to Gerrard getting a penalty chance:


That's some pretty great diving there, Luis! I've already raged enough about this. Here's the penalty:


Alas. Suarez's diving ways took 2 points from Villa, but the point still helps, and pushes the claret and blue to the top half of the table. It also marks only the second time in eleven attempts this season that Liverpool didn't come away with all three points at home. Not too shabby!

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