Kickin' It: Song eyes Barca exit, farewell to the King of Pop, BUTT GOAL

Clive Rose

Your football news and links for September 20, 2013.

Alex Song pondering January Barcelona exit due to lack of playing time | Mirror

This is the Mirror and it is a transfer rumor, so grains, bags, entire cliffsides of salt and all that. Still, it's not exactly shocking that Alex Song-who is a really, really good player-might be tired of sitting on the sidelines at Barcelona. It's also not exactly surprising that it's come to this. Things like this are the downside of the superclub; Song no doubt filled a need for Barca at some point, but he's barely seen the pitch since moving from Arsenal and it's beyond a shame to see several prime years of what should have been a sparkling career wasted.

Fulham to finally remove Michael Jackson statue from Craven Cottage | Who Ate All the Pies

Anyone could have seen this coming the second it went up, and its fate was sealed as soon as the ink dried on the contract transferring control of the club from Mohamed Al-Fayed to new owner Shahid Khan. This statue is weird and creepy and its residence outside of a Premier League club's home ground is even weirder and creepier, but there's still something a little bit melancholy about its removal. But maybe that's just the part of me that stayed up late on a school night to watch the world premier of both "Black Or White" and "Remember the Time" on FOX when I was in elementary school.

Shaka Hislop's Power Rankings - September 19 | ESPN FC

Power rankings are almost universally terrible, and these are no exception. They're also a whole lot of fun to tear to shreds, which I'd encourage you to do in the comments. I'll get you started: Atletico and Napoli (sorry Kirsten) ahead of Real Madrid? Arsenal the highest ranked English club? Porto rounding out the top ten? There's a lot of material here, so feel free to dig in.


You guys.

Butt goal.

He scored with his butt.

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