The 2010-2011 Season as the Many Faces of Barry Bannan

Here's mine/Barry Bannan's(even though he doesn't know it) views on the 2010-2011 Aston Villa Football Club Season.

August:Season started with the fantastic 3-0 win over West Ham, followed by the Newcastle disaster, and the Europa League exit, but ended on a high note with a win over Everton.  The two losses were especially painful, but it was still early, and everything looked pretty good.


Mood: Content

September:  Started with the painful loss to Stoke, but wins over Blackburn, and Wolves certainly helped the mood, mixed in was a draw against Bolton, nothing too worrying yet.


 Mood: Pleased

October: Lots of mixed results in October. A narrow loss to Spurs, home draw against Chelsea, Cup win over Burnley, dull draw against the scum, and a loss to Sunderland.  Quite a strange month.


Mood: Confused

November: Opened with the frustrating draw against Fulham, followed by a crazy win over Blackpool, incredible draw with United, but ended with losses to Blackburn and Arsenal.


Mood: Huggy

December: Win over West Brom is lone bright spot in month featuring four sucktacular losses.


Mood: Sad

January: Arrivals of Bent an Makoun raise hopes in the new year. Month featured 4 whole wins, and that crazy draw with Chelsea


Mood: Intrigued

February: Two annoying draws are surrounded by a loss to Manchester United, and a big win over Blackburn Rovers, but the Villa were still in a bit of trouble.


Mood: Cranky

March: March saw the end of our cup hopes, and dumb losses to Bolton and Wolves


Mood: Frustrated

April: The wins over Newcastle and West Ham virtually assured safety, but a draw at home to Stoke and a loss to West Brom rained on the parade.


Mood: Complacent.

May: Draw with Wigan, overshadowed by wins at the Emirates, and at home against Liverpool on a day where the scum go down!


Mood: Happy

Overall:The season featured some great wins but horrible losses.  Some stupid draws, and two fucking awful cup losses.  We saw a decent run at the end of the season to see us end in the top 10.  We've been introduced to some adorable youngsters, and been irritated by a certain older player.  We've drooled over our winter arrivals. We've been confused by our manager, but somewhat sad to see him go.  It's certainly been eventful, and I cannot wait until August to see the Villa take the pitch once again.


Mood: Hopeful

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