Need A Break From Chelsea-Liverpool Action? Read 7500 To Holte's Community Guide

What with Chelsea and Liverpool trying and failing to find goals, and the world gearing up for Superbowl XLV, it's not likely that anyone is actively seeking Aston Villa news. Besides, it's pretty hard to beat Darren Bent dating Steve Bruce's daughter. So in lieu of actually, you know, reporting anything, the 7500 team presents a quick guide to the community.

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First, welcome newcomers! As you may have noticed, this place isn't meant to just be me, Aaron, Gareth and Robert imparting wisdom upon the masses. It's a site conducive to comments, and believe it or not, we actually love dissent and discussion. That being said, there are a few rules we like to follow when commenting:


  • Please make use of the subject line. It facilitates discussion and also allows for greater ease of moderation.
  • SBN has nested comments. If you use the "reply" button, it's much easier to follow the conversation
  • 7500 aren't big fans of chatspeak or "+1". Again, community is great, but it's built through coherent discussion.
  • We're grownups. We swear. We don't swear in the stories, but you'll likely find it in the comments. If this offends your sensibilities, don't read the comments.
  • Still, there are lines we don't cross. Racism, homophobia, and sexism aren't welcome around here -- although rampant mancrushes are definitely encouraged.

In addition to commenting, we love fanposts. Feel the need to write about the Villa? Use a fan post. Want to share your love for lower level football, Ligue 1, Norwegian footy, Football Manager, or anything even remotely connected to the sport? Make use of the sidebar. It's also where we discover new front page writers, so if you have any desire to write for 7500, get tapping.

Along the same lines, submissions for Player In My Pocket are always encouraged. Have a random player that you totally adore? Think he (or she) will be a great PIMP player? Send a note to the Twitter account and we'll get you on the front page.

Thanks for hanging out on our site! We hope to see even more of you, especially in the game threads on match days. Who wants to be a fan in isolation? No one, that's who.

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We have our own Community Guidelines at 7500 To Holte. You should read them.




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