MattF15's Premier League Team Comparison............and Predictions Part 1

Full credit for this idea goes to this guy.  But here are my predictions for this season's Premier League.  I also included what American sports team they are for no real reason.

20. Blackpool

Seriously, what are earth are they doing here?

Winthrop Basketball


19. West Bromwich Albion

Because of relegation in football, there's no real American comparison for a  yo-yo team.  The closest team I could come up was a team that has some history, will occasionally jump up and have a good year, but in the end will probably end up crappy again.

Cleveland Browns


18.  Wigan Athletic

Not really the first choice team in there city, but have done a good job of sort of sticking around.

Memphis Grizzlies


17. Newcastle United

Fan's have overinflated sense of team's importance(Sorry Newcastle fans).  They been pretty poor the last couple years, but are alyways trying to improve their team.  Were decent in the early-to-mid 2000s.

Toronto Maple Leafs


16. Bolton Wanderers

They're just always sorta....there.  Not that good, but then again not bad.  They did jump up recently and have a period of decent success.

Houston Astros


15. Fulham

They're coming off of a great season, with a run no one expected, but they've lost some key pieces.

Butler Basketball


14. Birmingham City

The rest, I think,  are a little iffy, but I NAILED this one.  If you root for them you suck.


13. Sunderland

Famously had a horrible team, that was a laughing stock, until another team came along soon after.  They're starting to get better, piece by piece, with a more than capable manager.

Miami Dolphins


12. Blackburn Rovers

Had success in the mid 90s.  Since then its been up and down.

Florida Marlins*


*Apparently the Marlins won the '03 World Series.  I can't say I remember that though. -Signed Pinstripe Alley Member

11.  West Ham United

I have legitimately no idea who to pick for West Ham. Ideas?


And yes, this whole idea was to set up Scum-Nazi joke.  I will do the top 10.

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