Transfer Rumours

While reading through the English newspaper websites, I happened to come across this "article" (not really an article, as much as  a photo gallery with text underneath).  And I thought I'd go through them to see if they make any sense.  Plus this is from The Independent, so they may make a little more sense than the ones from The Sun.

 Tomasz Kuszczak

Umm....what?  It seems to me that the English press really don't take Brad Guzan seriously.  He didn't kinda help get Villa to the Carling Cup Final (almost singlehandedly against Sunderland).  I realize he didn't play in the final, and did look sort of shakey in the second leg in the semifinal, but he's still more the capable.  Plus I think everyone agrees, that if were get a Polish goalie, we'd prefer the other one.

Steven Taylor

That one makes a little more sense.  He's young, english, and with Curtis Davies possibly leaving, we could use another center back.  Plus he can play on the right. 


He's is a actual right back, but he's 30.  I suppose we could sign him and use him for a couple seasons.   The £6m is probably too much for the situation I just descrive though, I'm sure we could find someone capable for less.

Adam Williams

Another right back, this one only 18 years old.  I think this would be a great signing, he has tons of potential, and if we let him develop in the FA/Carling Cup, and lower league Premier League teams a la Fabian Delph I would be up fo it.

Scott Parker

Not suprising.  I hope Milner doesn't leave, but if he does I would't quite enjoy having Parker.  I've always been a fan of Scotty Parker.

Stephen Ireland

Another one that would be good if Milner leaves.  He's younger that Milner, only by 7 months but that's still younger, and he's played far less games.  Ireland + cash, for Milner, fine by me.

Jermaine Jenas

There's our yearly Jenas link.  I'm never sure what to think with Jenas.  He's just.....I dunno.

Aiden McGeady

McGeady, is primarily left-sided.  We alreay have a left winger playing on the right, do we really need another?  Plus, The Independent has the price tag at £ thanks.

Robbie Keane

Please dear God no!

Kevin Doyle

We could use a striker, Doyle is a useful player, I could get behind this.  Is he the 20 goal striker this teams seems to need, probably not, but I'd rather him than Keane

Carlton Cole

If/when Carew/Heksey leave, then I'd be fine with this.  Again, probably not a 20 goal striker, but he could be useful


Who would everyone else like to see.  No one on this list jumps out as someone, who could take this team to the top 4, but who knows.

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