Worst Day EVER!

As a football fan, I've been looking forward to the World Cup since, oh...July 9th, 2006.  Sure, I like the European Championships, Confederations Cup and all of those, but its not the same.  So June 10th was like Christmas eve for me.  I couldn't fall asleep, I kept checking my phone for the time every 5 minutes.  Then finally it came.  Then the US did some stuff, Germany was good, the African teams weren't that good...blah, blah, blah, you know the story.  Then it was time for the final.

However, I'm also a poor 19 year old college kid.  Like most poor college kids, I have a summer job, mine happens to be at a grocery store.  And to my dismay one of my shifts happened to be 2-9 on Sunday.  Right during the final...Sigh. 

Luckily for me, Directv has a thing called DVR.  While it would suck not to watch the final live, I wouldn't completely be in footy hell.  And if I kept my cell phone off, and customers didn't spoil it, I could watch the final as if it was live!  I made it through 7 hours, despite being tempted several times to turn on my phone and check the score, I didn't.  After the 10 minute drive home with the radio off (can't take any chances that the radio news people spoil the result either) I made it home and it was "game time." 

I walk in the door to find my dad sitting at the kitchen table.  He tells me about the Yankees game as he usually does, and I start to walk towards the TV in my living room when I hear "Oh, and Spain won 1-0."  F%&k.  After that I said some other similar swear words, and explained to my dad that I wanted to watch the final withour being spoiled.

Oh well, I still didn't know who scored and when.  So I happily watched the first half, and was happy that no one had scored.  I went into the the kitched and got some food.  I then decided I'd fast-forward through the half time show.  But instead of hitting fast-foward I hit the off button (which if there's any Directv execs reading this, space those buttons out, thats like the 10th time I've done that).  I then turned the TV back on, only for the ESPN replay of the final to be on.  I then realized the clock was on the 110th minuted.  I then realized that most games don't go that long.  I knew the game went to extra time.  F%&k.  After some veiled threats about using weapons on the TV, I decided I had to watch the second half.  I did despite knowing no one would score.

At that point I checked my Facebook, figuring no one's still talking about the game at this point.  Insert Price is Right fail horn here.  The third status on the live feed said "Watching the replay of the Final, I'm so happy that Iniesta was the one to score the winner."  F%&k.  F%&k.  F%&k.  After wishing cancer on that person in my mind, I watched through Extra Time just waiting for the goal.  It finally came and the game ended, and I was finally at peace.

I watched through Spain's celebrations, and teared up when Martin Tyler signed off.  Needless to say other that Dutch fans, I was the most miserable person watching the final.  And yeah everyone, don't watch the final like that, it really sucked.

I'm not really sure what to do with myself now that the World Cup is over.  I have baseball to throw myself in on.  I'm not the biggest MLS fan, but its still soccer, so I'll watch that.  My sleep schedule is still off, so maybe I'll wake up early to watch the British Open.  Now if you excuse me I need to find a calendar so I can count down to the start of the Premier League and the glorious return of Aston Villa Football Club.

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